Our Team

The Board and Management is charged with responsibility to plan, organize and control operations in line with agreed policies and implementation strategies and comprises of:-

Veronica Nyoni (Chief Executive Officer)
Ephraim Ngara (Managing Director
Muchaneta Mareya (Finance Director)
Cathrine Ngara ( Non Executive Director)
Solomon Mushonga (Accountant / Administrator)
Luke Muchatuta ( Estate Agent / Valuer)

Godwin Takawira
Clayton Chivuhwa
Prosperity Chikwira

Hubert Chabvamuperu
Maxwell Chipika
Martin Chivhoko
Rodgers Khabo

This team of dedicated members of stuff has over time that our performance has been consistent in the challenging economic environment. It is due to the teams’ diligence and endeavor that we have successfully managed to sustain and develop our market share in property sales and management.

The team has incentives in the form of commissions and bonuses rewarded for achieving and surpassing minimum sales targets set from time to time in both quantity and value terms.  We guarantee the time conscious, professional and efficient service delivery to clients and strive to always excel in executing our tasks.

Accounting / Book-keeping Function
An important aspect of the business strictly administered to ensure transparency and accountability of clients’ funds, this division is headed from time to time by qualified, honest and reliable personnel. Presently Mr. Solomon Mushonga oversees this function in his capacity as the Accountant/Administrator. Compliance with the ethical practices and statutory requisites is the cornerstone of our success in our professional business conduct and have in place a system of checks and balances to guarantee our future.

Legal advice and related services
This is also another critical area the company’s area of business as it is of paramount importance to us that our clients’ rights and interests are secure and are not easily infringed upon. We are fully aware of the potential loss and harm that our clients are likely to suffer if their rights are not actively protected. As a proactive precautionary measure therefore, the company has enlisted the services of Gutu and Chikowore Legal Practitioners of Harare, who advise and represent the company and its clients on all legal and related matters.

Our business entity has secured the requisite business assets consisting of office furniture, fixtures and fittings and equipment comprising of modern computers, safes, note counters, money detectors, a fleet of motor vehicles for management and business use, all in an effort to ensure the smooth running of the estate agency.  Investments currently in place are meant to guarantee future security of our own premises and a ready provision of assets to mitigate business challenges.  We are geared to provide satisfactory, reliable and efficient services to our clients through innovative proactive business planning and implementation policies and the provision of requisite assets to facilitate this is no exception.

We have since commencement of the estate agency business appointed independent chartered accountants and auditors to conduct our statutory annual and internal audits and have continued to negotiate with such professional institutions, to ensure continuity.  Currently, STC International Chartered Certified Accountants have been awarded a contract to audit our accounts in terms of internationally recognized accounting standards.

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