Property Management

We manage residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties on behalf of owners for monetary consideration.  The commission fee structures for property management are determined by The Estate Agents’ Council in consultation with The Real Estate Institute of Zimbabwe (R.E.I.Z) which currently is as follows:

Residential Properties: 10% of gross rent collected
Commercial and Industrial Properties: 10% of gross rent collected
Agricultural Properties: 10% of gross rent collected

Our Property Management Services are geared to:  

  1. Ensure that the property owners/landlords receive rentals that are in line with prevailing market conditions and levels for similar comparable properties.
  2. Vetting of prospective tenants and identification of suitable tenants is thoroughly and efficiently done.
  3. Prepare Lease Agreements, ensuring that they are signed by both parties and are legally valid.
  4. Ensure that the tenants pay rentals on time, on or before the first day of each and every month it falls due.
  5. Arrange for timely payments remittance of rentals to owners, producing and forwarding the monthly rent remittance statements to owners, detailing the income and expenditure and amount due to owner.
  6. Conduct periodic rental reviews and arrange timely adjustments by negotiation and amicable resolution with the tenants.
  7. Conduct routine inspections and repairs of managed properties and provide reports to owners.


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